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CPDT Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Susan Ward, CPDT-KSA
Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Although her title is Dog Trainer, it is her ability to educate the species at both ends of the leash that sets her apart from the rest.  The joke she tells people is that she hasn’t trained a dog, other than her own, in years. For the best results, it’s up to owners to train their own dogs. With her degree in education and post-college schooling in animal behavior, she combines those skills to teach people what they need to bring out the best in their dogs.

Every Breed and Mix, Small or Large, Welcome!

Susan started pupDOGS Training in 2009 with the focus of helping owners whose dogs had severe anxiety and aggression. It didn’t take long before she also wanted to help people prevent those problems, and  added puppy and foundation training to her specialties. She’s worked with thousands of dogs, of every age, and virtually every breed.  She gets it!  And loves working with different challenges to help owners improve their communication and relationships with their dogs.

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Susan Ward Dog Trainer in Minnetonka MN

Training Other Species Helps Susan Be a Better DOG Trainer

Susan knows what a big responsibility it is to be trusted with the crucial needs of  owners and their precious companions.  She takes it seriously and passionately. She continues her education in animal behavior by frequently attending conferences and learning opportunities with the world’s top animal behavior experts.

Whenever possible, she trains other species. They help her hone her training skills in ways that dogs are too forgiving to call her out on. But a chicken or fox? They need just the right steps and timing to get “it!” On her bucket list is to train elephants at the Kante Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand!

Walking the Talk

Susan shares her life with her husband and two German Shepherds. None of them are perfect, but they do their best. Voodoo is a confident go-getter, who’s a little too obsessed with carrying trees on walks.  Mojoe is a sensitive and sweet boy who  finds some things in life scary.

They like to spend their time hiking, playing Nose Work (a fun dog sport!), learning new things, traveling or just hanging out together, at home and about town.

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